Project Benefits

Project Benefits

Peak Materials typically provides about 400,000 tons of aggregate per year from our Maryland Creek Ranch site to serve our local community in Summit County. Aggregates allow us to build our communities and are necessary to maintain our roads, homes, businesses, schools, and parks. Aggregates compose 95% of asphalt products and about 60 to 75% of concrete products. One lane-mile of interstate highway requires 38,000 tons of aggregate products. The average-sized home requires 400 tons of aggregate products, and the average-sized hospital requires 25,000 tons of aggregate products. Aggregates form the foundation of our community.

The series of lakes through and north of Silverthorne are the result of aggregate extracted to construct significant projects including the Eisenhower and Johnson Tunnels, Dillon Dam, and much of the residential and commercial improvements in Summit County over the past five decades. Today, these reclaimed lakes serve as wildlife habitat, offer recreational opportunities, and provide open space and places for our community to gather.

Projects Made Possible by Peak Materials

Silverthorne Elementary School Playground

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When Silverthorne Elementary School built their playground in the mid-2000s, Peak Materials donated the aggregates and other construction materials.

Benefits of the Peak Ranch Resource Project

The Peak Ranch Resource Project will benefit our local Summit County community in several ways including:

  • Continuing the local supply of high-quality aggregate products to maintain existing infrastructure and supply materials for community improvements.
  • Providing a 75.6-acre dedicated open space area featuring a 26-acre lake surrounded by rangeland for local wildlife.
  • Minimizing environmental impacts to the community by maintaining a local aggregate source.
  • Providing a source of aggregate to Maryland Creek Ranch that will not require travel through populated areas.
  • Continuing to support local jobs, both directly and indirectly, in Summit County and contributing to the local tax base.