It came to our attention that on 12/22/2020 incorrect versions of Exhibit G and H were uploaded to the DRMS Application Adequacy Review 1 Comments folder in the Document Library.  The correct versions are now in the folder.


We responded to the Adequacy Review comments we received from Colorado Division of Reclamation, Mining and Safety (DRMS) for the Peak Ranch Resource 112 Reclamation Permit Application. Our response has been submitted to the DRMS.  It can be found in the Document Library page on this website. We have divided the response into sections to make them more manageable to download. 


The DRMS has changed the Decision Date for the 112 Reclamation Permit Application from November 17, 2020, to January 15, 2021, due to COVID-19 restrictions and to give their staff more time to review correspondence they received about the application. 


We submitted the Peak Ranch Resource 112 Reclamation Permit Application to the Colorado Division of Reclamation, Mining and Safety (DRMS). While a copy of the application will eventually be available electronically from the DRMS through their website, for your convenience, we are providing access to the application using the links below. We have divided the application into sections based on the Table of Contents. Doing this makes the application more manageable to download. The file size of each document is noted in the link to each document to provide an understanding of the approximate download time of each document.

It should also be noted that if downloading the application is not an option for you, a hard copy of the complete application is on file for public viewing at the Summit County Clerk and Recorder’s Office.

Application Form (2.42 MB)

Exhibit A –    Legal Description (<1 MB)

Exhibit B –    Index Map (<1 MB)

Exhibit C –    Pre-Mining and Mining Plan Maps (3.64 MB)

Exhibit D –    Mining Plan (<1 MB)

Exhibit E –    Reclamation Plan (<1 MB)

Exhibit F –    Reclamation Plan Maps (1.87 MB)

Exhibit G –    Water Information (5.02 MB)

Exhibit H –    Wildlife Information (8.48 MB)

Exhibit I –     Soils Information (<1 MB)

Exhibit J –    Vegetation Information (11.7 MB)

Exhibit K –    Climate Information (<1 MB)

Exhibit L –    Reclamation Costs (<1 MB)

Exhibit M –   Other Permits and Licenses (<1 MB)

Exhibit N –    Source of Legal Right to Enter (<1 MB)

Exhibit O –    Owners of Affected Land & Owners of Substance to Be Mined (<1 MB)

Exhibit P –    Municipalities Within Two Miles (<1 MB)

Exhibit Q –    Proof of Mailing of Notices to Board of County Commissioners & Conservation District (2.49 MB)

Exhibit R –    Proof of Filing with County Clerk and Recorder (<1 MB)

Exhibit S –    Permanent Man-Made Structures (13.7 MB)

Rule 1.6.2(1)(B): Addendum 1 – Notice Requirements (1.07 MB)

Rule 6.5 –      Geotechnical Stability Exhibit (<1 MB)