Peak Materials is the only large-scale supplier of high-quality aggregate, ready mix, and asphalt in Summit County. We want to continue to supply the local community with the necessary aggregate materials to support the local community’s residential and commercial construction. To meet this goal, Peak Materials is seeking approval to develop the Peak Ranch Resource Project at 35405 State Highway 9 near Silverthorne.

The project will provide several benefits to the local community and will help support infrastructure, housing, and commercial construction needs in Summit County. Learn more about what aggregates are used for and how this project will benefit the community.

If permitted, Peak Materials plans to extract aggregates from the 75.6-acre Peak Ranch Resource site and haul them to the existing Maryland Creek Ranch Facility for processing. Peak Materials will minimize the impact of our operations by maintaining our footprint at the existing Maryland Creek Ranch Facility to process the aggregates.

Maryland Creek and Peak Ranch Resource Map

The Blue River Valley is the best source for aggregates in Summit County. Like previous extraction sites in our County, the Peak Ranch Resource site contains this high-quality aggregate source. Our project team completed a comprehensive evaluation of the Peak Ranch Resource site to make sure it was the best possible site to pursue permitting. Click here to read a site evaluation report that explains why we made the final decision to proceed with the project at the Peak Ranch Resource site.
The amount of time needed to extract aggregate and reclaim a site is driven by market demand. Based on current projections, the mine life (mining through reclamation) will take approximately 10-15 years. As material is extracted, Peak Materials will reclaim affected areas as quickly as is feasible. When we complete our operations, the site will be dedicated as open space and include a 26-acre lake surrounded by rangeland for local wildlife.
Peak Materials is committed to reclaiming land in a manner that benefits our local community. Our reclamation of Love Pit, located east of the existing Maryland Creek Ranch Facility, was awarded the Jack Starner Memorial Reclamation Award in 2003 for excellence in reclamation by the Colorado Mined Land Reclamation Board in cooperation with the Colorado Stone, Sand and Gravel Association.

Standing on west side of Highway 9 near Elk Run Road looking northwest.

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