Peak Ranch Resource

Peak Materials has operated in Summit County and the Lower Blue River Valley since 1965. We have a deep commitment to investing in and supporting the local community. With permitting approval, Peak Materials will continue to provide Summit County with high-quality, locally sourced and produced aggregate products and continue to invest in the local community and support the economy.

Peak Materials is seeking permits to extract aggregates and then reclaim the property located at 35405 State Highway 9, 12 miles north of Silverthorne. This project is known as the Peak Ranch Resource Project. The life of the project is anticipated to be approximately 10-15 years from mining through reclamation.

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Reclaimed lake at Peak Materials’ Maryland Creek Ranch facility.

Latest Update

  • 3/18/2021
    We received the Recommendation and Rationale for Conditional Approval letters from the DRMS.  Per the Recommendation to Conditionally Approve letter, the DRMS is recommending, to the Colorado Mined Land Reclamation Board, […]